Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration is a natural part of aging.  As we get older, the protective enamel coating our teeth begins to wear and the yellow dentin beneath shows through.  This is why bright, white teeth are considered a sign of youth.  Of course, staining and discoloration may also occur due to foods or beverages you consume frequently (coffee, tea, and wine, for example).  Other reasons include the use of tobacco products, side effects of certain medications, or some kind of trauma to the tooth.

When you suffer from staining or discoloration that keeps you from flashing your winning smile, it’s time to consult with the dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, who are qualified to help you find the best ways to address your oral health concerns and improve your smile and your confidence.  In regards to discoloration, we are pleased to offer whitening procedures to help your smile regain its youthful appeal.

Many patients try over-the-counter whitening products, but all you can hope for with strips and gels is an improvement of 1-2 shades, and these products are designed to treat surface stains only.  With professional teeth whitening you can see a smile that improves by as much as 7-9 shades, depending on the level of staining and the treatment you choose.  In rare cases, whitening is not an option to treat discoloration, in which case you’ll want to discuss alternative treatments like dental bonding or veneers to cover affected teeth.

If you’re ready to treat discoloration and improve the overall appearance of your smile with teeth whitening, contact the dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates now at 404-289-2772 to boost your confidence and roll back the clock on one of the most common signs of aging.


Cavities are a form of decay that infect tissue in the teeth.  When enamel erodes, bacteria in the mouth can invade teeth and begin to spread, eating away at susceptible tissue and causing you pain and further oral health issues if not treated.  At the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, our dental professionals want to help every patient maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, and this means removing tooth decay and filling any open spaces left behind to preserve oral function and prevent further decay.

What are fillings and what can you expect when you need one?  Fillings are made from a variety of materials, including silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and composite resin, just for example.  Our dental professionals are happy to help you choose the filling material that best suits your preferences and your budget.

Performing a filling procedure is relatively quick, easy, and painless.  The process begins with numbing to ensure your complete comfort throughout.  From there, precision drilling is used to remove any areas of decay that could spread to surrounding tooth tissue.  This leaves a gap that must be filled.  Once the area is sterilized, filling material will be placed, molded, and cured to restore your tooth, after which minor shaping will ensure that the new material doesn’t disrupt your bite pattern.

The experienced dental professionals at Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates are committed to helping every patient maintain optimal oral health, and we’re more than qualified to treat decay and administer fillings as needed.  Whether you’re due for a checkup or you suspect you have a cavity, contact the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates at 404-289-2772 now to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal

There are times when tooth decay goes beyond what can be easily addressed with a filling.  Cracks and chips in teeth can lead to deep decay that reaches all the way to the soft tissue, or pulp, in the roots of teeth.  When this occurs, dangerous abscesses can develop, especially if the condition goes untreated.  In most cases, patients will experience significant pain and other symptoms.  When you partner with the caring and experienced dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, you can treat the pain, restore oral health, and hopefully salvage your natural tooth with a root canal.

During a root canal procedure, the infection will be removed, the remaining tooth will be sterilized, any gaps left behind will be filled, and a temporary crown will be placed on the tooth.  When a custom crown is ready, it will replace the temporary crown during a second visit to restore full function and protect against further decay or damage.  While these procedures are underway, patients will receive adequate anesthetic to maintain comfort throughout.  Most patients will experience incredible relief afterward, additionally, medication is often given to maintain comfort and clear any remaining infection.

The trained and experienced dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates work hard to earn the confidence of every patient, and your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, along with your oral health.  If you’re experiencing oral pain or you think you might need a root canal, contact our offices at 404-289-2772 to schedule an appointment and begin the process of improving and maintaining your oral health.


Tooth loss is an understandably upsetting experience that can not only damage your confidence, but also the function of your mouth.  It is further exacerbated by the loss of more than one tooth.  However, you needn’t suffer the difficulties of eating and socializing that often accompany tooth loss.  With assistance from the caring experts at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, you can explore your options for replacement and restoration and return to your normal life with a full set of functional, beautiful teeth.  Dentures are just one option to consider.

Why choose dentures?  Dentures are false teeth that can be used to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, including several in a row or even an entire upper or lower jaw missing teeth.  Dentures are generally removable and they fit over the gums.  They are held it place by denture fixatives and can be removed for cleaning.

Because they are not permanently attached, patients may have to observe certain restrictions when it comes to biting or chewing and consuming specific types of food and beverages.  However, dentures are an attractive and affordable way to replace missing teeth, protect remaining teeth, and avoid the hollow appearance that can result from significant tooth loss.

Don’t let tooth loss deter you from eating, socializing, and living your life to the fullest.  Contact the trained and experienced dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates at 404-289-2772 now to explore your options for tooth replacement and smile restoration.

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

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Gum Treatment

There’s more to your mouth than merely teeth.  While many patients focus on brushing their teeth and worry about cavities, the truth is that gum tissue is also susceptible to disease, especially when not properly cared for with flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.  When bacteria are allowed to fester between teeth and below the gum line, gum disease can set in, creating significant oral health concerns that affect the entire mouth.

If you find yourself facing serious issues like gingivitis or periodontitis, it is imperative that you seek treatment to restore your oral health.  The qualified dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates are ready to help with targeted treatment options to restore oral health and protect you against negative outcomes like tooth decay, abscesses, and even tooth loss.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an essential part of treating gum disease, but in advanced cases, treatment generally begins with a deep cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and pockets of bacterial infection that are the root cause of gum disease.  Antibacterial treatments may also be prescribed to aid in healing and recovery.  In some cases, more extensive treatment may be needed, especially if tooth decay or abscesses are present.

The goal with any gum treatment plan is to restore oral health as quickly and completely as possible in order to prevent further damage and preserve natural teeth.  If you have begun to experience symptoms of gum disease such as tender, swollen, or bleeding gums; discomfort; persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth; loose or separating teeth; or pain, just for example, immediate assessment and treatment is recommended.  Contact the caring and qualified dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates at 404-289-2772 today to schedule an appointment.

Implant Dentistry

Losing teeth can be a devastating experience, whether they are lost due to trauma, illness, injury, or poor oral health.  When you lose a tooth, you not only suffer a gap that can impact your ability to eat and the health of remaining teeth, but you also lose the confidence to smile and socialize.  In other words, it can have negative repercussions that affect your whole life.  The caring professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates strive to ensure that every patient finds options for tooth replacement that help them return to their normal lives with restored oral health and functionality, as well as the confidence that comes with a radiant smile.

Dental implants are an exciting alternative to traditional dentures because they offer a permanent restoration.  Whereas dentures are removable, dental implants are affixed to the jawbone.  Optimal oral health is a prerequisite to the procedure, but if you are deemed a good candidate, you will first receive a titanium screw that bonds with the jaw bone, forming a stable base for the replacement tooth.  From there, a custom false tooth is attached to the post, filling the gap in your smile.

Although dental implants are more expensive than dentures, patients will enjoy added value.  The post replaces the roots of the tooth, ensuring that the jaw bone won’t deteriorate after tooth loss.  Further, dental implants look and function the same as natural teeth.  You can eat, drink, brush, and floss normally without fear.

When you’re ready to discuss smile restoration following tooth loss, don’t hesitate to seek advice and treatment from the qualified dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates.  Contact us today at 404-289-2772 to schedule an appointment and get your smile restoration underway.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Lumineers and Invisalign

Your smile makes a first impression and lets your personality shine!  You naturally want it to be perfect, even if you aren’t lucky enough to enjoy perfect natural alignment or if you’ve suffered from cracks, chips, or discoloration of your teeth over the years.  On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to spend months or years wearing braces.  At the practice of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, we’re pleased to offer cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures to shape up your smile and help you look your best in no time.

Have your eating habits, medications, or even simple aging caused your teeth to become discolored?  Cosmetic veneers and professional whitening provides a quick and painless solution.  Do you suffer from cracks or chips that cause you to close your mouth when you smile?  Regain your confidence with bonding, crowns, veneers, and other corrective options.

Are you tired of living with misalignment issues like gaps or overlaps?  Invisible aligners can help to correct minor misalignment with less discomfort and time commitment than traditional orthodontic braces.  Are you suffering from missing teeth due to trauma, illness or injury?  Dentures and dental implants can help you to regain oral function and health.

Our qualified professionals are on a mission to help you restore your smile and regain the confidence to smile without hesitation or concern.  With the right cosmetic dentistry procedures, you needn’t spend another day wishing for a beautiful, flawless smile. 

Contact the caring and qualified dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates today at 404-289-2772 to schedule an appointment and rejuvenate your smile.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.


Crowns and Bridges

With luck, your adult teeth will serve you well for many years, providing you with proper oral function and a sparkling smile.  However, it’s not uncommon for damage to occur over time.  You may develop cavities that compromise the integrity of your tooth, experience cracks, chips, and breakage due to trauma, or even suffer from tooth loss related to injury or illness.  When this occurs, the qualified and caring professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates can provide you with suitable solutions to restore your oral health and your smile.

When a tooth is damaged but a portion is still intact and healthy, our dental professionals will do everything possible to salvage remaining tissue.  This generally means using a crown to hide imperfections like breakage or discoloration, as well as protect any remainder of the tooth.  A crown is a covering, or cap, that goes over the remaining tooth.

Crowns are often made from materials like resin or ceramic that are designed to seamlessly match your tooth in color and texture, but they may also be made from metal like gold.  Crowns are custom made for you, as a way to restore function and form so that you can eat, drink, and smile with confidence.

What if you lose a tooth?  In this case, a crown will not be sufficient since it relies on a foundation of existing tooth structure for stability.  When you lose a tooth, you become a candidate for a bridge, which is a false tooth held in place by brackets attached to crowns on adjacent teeth.  It is called a bridge because it is put in place to span the gap between remaining teeth.

Whether you suffer from tooth damage or loss, the qualified professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates are ready and waiting to help.  Contact us at 404-289-2772 to schedule your appointment today.

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