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Cavities are a form of decay that infect tissue in the teeth.  When enamel erodes, bacteria in the mouth can invade teeth and begin to spread, eating away at susceptible tissue and causing you pain and further oral health issues if not treated.  At the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, our dental professionals want to help every patient maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, and this means removing tooth decay and filling any open spaces left behind to preserve oral function and prevent further decay.

What are fillings and what can you expect when you need one?  Fillings are made from a variety of materials, including silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and composite resin, just for example.  Our dental professionals are happy to help you choose the filling material that best suits your preferences and your budget.

Performing a filling procedure is relatively quick, easy, and painless.  The process begins with numbing to ensure your complete comfort throughout.  From there, precision drilling is used to remove any areas of decay that could spread to surrounding tooth tissue.  This leaves a gap that must be filled.  Once the area is sterilized, filling material will be placed, molded, and cured to restore your tooth, after which minor shaping will ensure that the new material doesn’t disrupt your bite pattern.

The experienced dental professionals at Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates are committed to helping every patient maintain optimal oral health, and we’re more than qualified to treat decay and administer fillings as needed.  Whether you’re due for a checkup or you suspect you have a cavity, contact the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates at 404-289-2772 now to schedule an appointment.