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Tooth loss is an understandably upsetting experience that can not only damage your confidence, but also the function of your mouth.  It is further exacerbated by the loss of more than one tooth.  However, you needn’t suffer the difficulties of eating and socializing that often accompany tooth loss.  With assistance from the caring experts at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates, you can explore your options for replacement and restoration and return to your normal life with a full set of functional, beautiful teeth.  Dentures are just one option to consider.

Why choose dentures?  Dentures are false teeth that can be used to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, including several in a row or even an entire upper or lower jaw missing teeth.  Dentures are generally removable and they fit over the gums.  They are held it place by denture fixatives and can be removed for cleaning.

Because they are not permanently attached, patients may have to observe certain restrictions when it comes to biting or chewing and consuming specific types of food and beverages.  However, dentures are an attractive and affordable way to replace missing teeth, protect remaining teeth, and avoid the hollow appearance that can result from significant tooth loss.

Don’t let tooth loss deter you from eating, socializing, and living your life to the fullest.  Contact the trained and experienced dental professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates at 404-289-2772 now to explore your options for tooth replacement and smile restoration.