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Crowns and Bridges

With luck, your adult teeth will serve you well for many years, providing you with proper oral function and a sparkling smile.  However, it’s not uncommon for damage to occur over time.  You may develop cavities that compromise the integrity of your tooth, experience cracks, chips, and breakage due to trauma, or even suffer from tooth loss related to injury or illness.  When this occurs, the qualified and caring professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates can provide you with suitable solutions to restore your oral health and your smile.

When a tooth is damaged but a portion is still intact and healthy, our dental professionals will do everything possible to salvage remaining tissue.  This generally means using a crown to hide imperfections like breakage or discoloration, as well as protect any remainder of the tooth.  A crown is a covering, or cap, that goes over the remaining tooth.

Crowns are often made from materials like resin or ceramic that are designed to seamlessly match your tooth in color and texture, but they may also be made from metal like gold.  Crowns are custom made for you, as a way to restore function and form so that you can eat, drink, and smile with confidence.

What if you lose a tooth?  In this case, a crown will not be sufficient since it relies on a foundation of existing tooth structure for stability.  When you lose a tooth, you become a candidate for a bridge, which is a false tooth held in place by brackets attached to crowns on adjacent teeth.  It is called a bridge because it is put in place to span the gap between remaining teeth.

Whether you suffer from tooth damage or loss, the qualified professionals at the offices of Dr. Terrence L. Jeter & Associates are ready and waiting to help.  Contact us at 404-289-2772 to schedule your appointment today.